14 Piece Knife Set

£233.50 exc. VAT

Carefully selected 14 piece Giesser professional knife set and Giesser decorating tool set and heavy duty 16 compartment knife case


Set includes; N8545-SP-6 (Turning knife) N8315-SP-8 (Vegetable/Paring knife) N3105-13 (Rigid boning knife) N7365-16-E85 (Flexible filleting knife) N8455-20 (20cm Chef knife) N8455-26 (26cm chef knife) N8265-w-25 (Serrated pastry knife) N8215-21 (Spatula) N8249 (Giesser peeler) N9924-25 (Sharpening steel) NK-FK6 (6″ carving fork) 8252, 8255, 8256 and NK-CASE 16 (16 compartment case)


Items 8252, 8255 and 8256 only available in this set



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