Eco Burner Chafo Unit

£32.00 exc. VAT

The Eco Burner Chafo unit is designed to be the perfect ‘drop in’ replacement for gels and wicks, it overcomes all of the problems associated with heating chafing dishes by traditional methods.


The patented safety features of the eco-burner Chafo means it is safer, greener and cleaner. It gives greater control and removes waste unlike traditional gels and wicks.


The Chafo is designed for safety as it will;

  •  Shut off it overturned and does not spill
  • Remain cool to touch throughout service
  • Shut off automatically if water pan runs dry
  • Light first time every time


When placing an order online for the Chafo units they WILL NOT be dispatched until you have spoken to one of our sales consultants who can explain and guide you through the use of the Chafo unit, give us a call on 01536 481977.

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