Relight Candles

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The Relight range of holders and refills are a perfect addition to any setting.


Packed with lots benefits including;


More efficient – the 24 hour burn time means the candle is changed less often


No wax mess – No more time consuming cleaning of spilled hardened wax, making holders look grimy. Once the refill has burned down, any residue is left in the plastic sleeve leaving holders clean and wax free.


Interchangeable colours – A range of 8 different colours to fit in the mood of the venue. Far more versatility over a standard tea light and holder


Glass holders MUST be purchased as a pack, all holders packed in 6’s





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Moods Holder, Oval Holder, Square Holder, Ribbed Holder, Clear, Red, Purple, Amber, Anthracite, Aqua, Fuchsia, Lime, Sea Green


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