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X2 Bath & Washroom Cleaner (4x325ml)

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Product description

  • This bathroom and washroom cleaner is an antibacterial cleaner and descaler which effectively removes natural oils, soap deposits and general soil from baths, sinks, taps, showers, WCs, tiles, glass screens and hard floor coverings. Helps prevent hard water deposits from forming on surfaces and leaves a refreshing mild fragrance to deodorize the washroom.
  • X2 Evolution Bath & Washroom Cleaner provides complete bathroom hygiene and can be used to clean the toilet flush handle, toilet seat, taps, and door handle etc.
  • A must for washroom hygiene as it passes BSEN1276 after 5 minutes contact time.

PACK SIZE – 4 x 325ml equates to 12 x 750ml standard trigger sprays


Please note that when this product is diluted in its ready to use capacity, it is not classified under CLP regulations. A further MSDS is available on request for this application