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X2 Window & Stainless Steel Cleaner (4x325ml)

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Product description

Through years of experience with stainless steel cleaners we now have a window cleaner that provides a streak–free finish and gets rid of fingermarks.  No matter what the grade of stainless steel, X2 Evolution Window & Stainless Steel Cleaner provides instant cleaning, whether on windows or stainless steel kitchenware, polishing the surface to an immaculate sheen. Effectively cuts through atmospheric grime and nicotine soil. Ideal for cleaning and polishing stainless steel where a streak-free finish is required.

X2 Evolution Window & Stainless Steel Cleaner can be used as an industrial stainless steel polish or for domestic use.

PACK SIZE – 4 x 325ml equates to 12 x 750ml standard trigger sprays


Please note that when this product is diluted in its ready to use capacity, it is not classified under CLP regulations. A further MSDS is available on request for this application